• OpenRoad Jun 7

    OpenRoad: San Francisco Bay Trail's Continued Growth (Episode 68)

    We’ll celebrate the successful growth of the San Francisco Bay Trail as it increasingly circumnavigates the Bay’s shoreline and provides a vast array of recreational opportunities and non-polluting transportation options for millions of us. We’ll imagine the completion of the 500-mile long trail and find out how public agencies are planning to make the trail resilient to rising seas...

  • OpenRoad May 3

    OpenRoad: Sonoma County's Beautiful Landscapes (Episode 67)

    We’ll explore two big and beautiful landscapes in Sonoma County from shorelines to skylines with sensational views in all directions soon to become new public parks for the people.  We’ll meet a team of dedicated young scientists discovering how a much-beloved State Park is recovering and flourishing after two major fires in the past three years while at the...

  • OpenRoad Apr 27

    OpenRoad: California's Ancient Wildlife Heritage (Episode 66)

    Discover surprising wonders of California’s ancient wildlife heritage living near our biggest and most modern cities.  We’ll go in search of some of California’s rare and elusive native animals in the tops of our tallest trees and deep underground with dedicated people who are recording the animals’ behaviors  and seeking to make sure these treasures of our wild kingdom...

  • OpenRoad Mar 30

    OpenRoad: Inside Oakland's Nearly Century-Old Zoo (Episode 64)

    Explore the nearly century-old Oakland Zoo celebrating not only its past but its future focused on the continuing care of its animals, the education of the public and the conservation of nature. Take a journey along the Zoo’s new “California Trail” to uncover the ecological history of California and see some of our state’s most iconic native wildlife including...

  • East Bay Mar 22

    OpenRoad: Exploring the Rebirth of East Bay Regional Parks (Episode 63)

    Explore the densely populated urban shoreline of the East Bay from the southern reaches of Oakland to the northernmost edge of Richmond. Discover how abandoned industrial sites and old debris dumps have been restored and reborn as a series of gorgeous public parks linked by the San Francisco Bay Trail.

  • OpenRoad Mar 22

    OpenRoad Episode 62: John Muir Land Trust

    Celebrate the expansion of the John Muir National Historic Site all around Muir’s historic home in Martinez. Walk in Muir’s footsteps over large swaths of protected lands, some of which Muir once owned and which today looks much as it did more than a century ago when Muir was alive and working to preserve nature and create National Parks....

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