• Associated Press Aug 17, 2018

    Google Clarifies It Tracks Users Who Pause Location History

    Google has changed a help page that erroneously described how its “Location History” setting works, clarifying for users that it still tracks their location even if they turn the setting off.

  • Facebook Jul 17, 2018

    Why Is Facebook Keen on Robots? It's Just the Future of AI

    Facebook announced several new hires of top academics in the field of artificial intelligence Tuesday, among them a roboticist known for her work at Disney making animated figures move in more human-like ways. The hires raise a big question — why is Facebook interested in robots, anyway?

  • California Jan 3, 2018

    Revised Suit Faults Google For Asking Hires About Prior Pay

    A revised gender-pay lawsuit seeking class-action status against Google faults the search giant for asking new hires about their prior salary, a practice now banned in California. The suit, filed Wednesday, also adds a fourth complainant, a preschool teacher with a master’s degree. The four women allege they were underpaid by Google compared with their male counterparts. The suit, which...

  • Donald Trump Nov 9, 2017

    Russia Twitter Trolls Deflected Bad Trump News: AP Analysis

    An Associated Press analysis of deleted Twitter accounts reveals new details of surreptitious Russian activity shortly before last year’s presidential election. It details how Russian agents attempted to deflect bad news around Donald Trump’s campaign while refocusing criticism on the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton. Tweets by Russian-backed accounts such as “America_1st_” and “BatonRougeVoice” in October actively pivoted away from...

  • Facebook Oct 14, 2017

    Twitter Turns Over ‘Handles' of 201 Russia-Linked Accounts

    Twitter has handed over to Senate investigators the profile names, or “handles,” of 201 accounts linked to Russian attempts at influencing the 2016 presidential election. The company has stepped up its efforts to cooperate with investigators after it was criticized for not taking congressional probes seriously enough. The handover occurred this week, according to a person familiar with the matter...

  • Facebook Oct 13, 2017

    Russia-Backed Facebook Page Colored With Hot-Button Phrases

    What does Russia-sponsored political influence look like on Facebook? An Associated Press analysis of the content on a now-shuttered Facebook page called “Being Patriotic” shows it’s colored with words like “illegal,” ”country” and “American” and phrases like “illegal alien,” ”Sharia law” and “Welfare state.” “Being Patriotic” was among 470 pages and accounts that Facebook shut down in recent weeks in...

  • California Sep 15, 2017

    Google Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over ‘Pervasive Problem' of Gender Bias, Pay

    Google faces a new lawsuit accusing it of gender-based pay discrimination. A lawyer representing three female former Google employees is seeking class action status for the claim.

  • Facebook May 24, 2016

    Facebook Drops News Outlet Input in ‘Trending Topics' Review

    Facebook says it is dropping its reliance on news outlets to help determine what gets posted as a “trending topic” on the giant social network, a move adopted after a backlash over a report saying it suppressed conservative views. Facebook’s General Counsel Colin Stretch outlined the change in a 12-page letter sent Monday to Republican Sen. John Thune, chairman of...

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