• the investigative unit Jan 12

    No Man's Land: Fighting for Fatherhood in a Broken System

    Just as Mike’s baby is born, the mother is showing signs of delusional schizophrenia. When her destructive episodes escalate, she’s incarcerated and Mike and his baby daughter, Dani, are evicted from their apartment. Unable to work and care for his infant at the same time, Mike loses his job. He and Dani are suddenly homeless. Desperate for a safe...

  • Immigration Dec 29, 2019

    Hiding in Plain Sight

    As the network of underground veterans grows, NBC Bay Area finds that some have chosen to risk everything, by defying the law and stay in the United States. In Mexico, Hector Barajas, Enrique Salas and the other veterans hatch a plan to make their way back home.

  • Immigration Dec 29, 2019

    Success and Tragedy

    Years of waiting and planning begin to pay off, and there is a ray of hope that some of the vets can gain citizenship. But then tragedy strikes.

  • the investigative unit Dec 29, 2019

    A Grateful Nation

    Both Hector Barajas and Enrique Salas return to the U.S. as heroes, but in vastly different ways.

  • the investigative unit Dec 29, 2019

    Trapped in Tijuana

    After brilliant military careers, two immigrant service men are banished from the United States and deported to Mexico, cut off from their children and families, forced to work for desperately low wages and live in squalor. They discover they are not alone. Hundreds of immigrant veterans have been deported by ICE, often for minor offenses.

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