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Getty Boys Address Blogger Backlash

Oil heirs promise to allow the plebes to leave comments on future missives



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    Peter Getty drops by blog comments to promise readers will be allowed to return the favor soon enough.

    Though new to blogging, oil heirs Bill and Peter Getty have already mastered the art of publicity through controversy, and are taking to the comment sections of other blogs to stoke the fiery furnace of class resentment.

    Earlier this week the Gettys kicked off a new blog for the San Francisco Chronicle's website. They were near-instantly pilloried for their lack of both the common touch and noblesse oblige.

    One of the chief criticisms was that, unlike most blogs, readers were not allowed to leave comments on the post. Peter Getty has since written in to critics at the San Francisco Appeal and SFist to assure everyone that they can mock and pillory he and his brother directly from now on.

    All in all, it just seems like a case of terrible timing -- something that Billy admits to knowing all too much about after recently starting a real estate development company.

    After all, this new public profile for the pair can't help their old buddy (and Billy's business partner), San FranciscoMayor Gavin Newsom, who's going to need some votes from the poors if he ever wants to be crowned governor.

    Jackson West once again points out that the blogs main crime is that it isn't particularly funny, though the controversy is entertaining at least.