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Guv Tweet: "I Need to Go Wash My Hands"



    Guv Tweet: "I Need to Go Wash My Hands"
    It's good to know the "Governator" is following doctors' advice.

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger felt a little dirty today after his daily update on swine flu. So, naturally, he shared the info with his nearly 44,000 followers on Twitter.

    "Sitting in my daily flu briefing. 16 confirmed cases and 23 probable. I need to go wash my hands, but will let you know as I hear more," the 12:40 p.m.-ish tweet read.

    A couple hours earlier, Schwarzenegger also tweeted that 29 counties have asked for antiviral medication, which is administered after the virus has been diagnosed. A vaccine for the strain has not yet been developed.

    Schwarzenegger started tweeting his daily updates from the state Department of Public Health on the state of the swine flu on Monday.

    So far, health officials have confirmed the cases of the virus in five counties: seven in San Diego County, five in Imperial County, two in Marin County and one each in Sacramento and San Bernardino counties.

    San Diego has the highest number of probable cases, with eight. Riverside and Santa Clara counties each have four and Sacramento County has three probable cases. Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Joaquin and Tulare counties have one each.
    California also has sent additional health workers to San Diego and Imperial counties.