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BMW Vision Gets 63 MPG While Blasting 356 HP



    BMW Vision Gets 63 MPG While Blasting 356 HP
    The BMW Vision.

    You're looking at our dream car. We gave you a sneak peek at this car two months ago, but now the for-real prototype is coming to the U.S., and we have more details about its unique specs.

    This BMW Vision is a diesel plug-in hybrid that cranks out an awesome 356 hp. But the astonishing part? It packs that impressive wallop and still gets 63 miles per gallon. Like the Chevy Volt, it travels a short distance on all-electric power (it can go 31 miles, a few less than the Volt's claimed electric range), but has a total range of 431 miles when you tap its 6.6 gallon diesel fuel tank.

    Besides its green credentials, just look at it! It's more conventional-looking than that crazy BMW we showed you last month, but it's still a concept car, meaning that a body style this radical probably won't be showing up on real-world production lines anytime soon.

    It's way beyond the illustration stage, though — you're looking at a prototype that'll be rolled out next week at the Los Angeles Auto Show. We look forward to the day when cars like this will be commonplace.