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Custom Mercedes Is an Apple Fanboy's Pleasure Palace on Wheels



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?

    We love fast cars and tech toys here at Dvice so when you wrap both together in one package, the result is an irresistible orgy of Dviceness.

    Starting with the Mercedes-Benz S Class as its base, German tuning shop Brabus created the iBusiness by adding a huge suite of Apple-centric gear to their top-of-the-line SV12-R luxury sedan.

    Even without the Apple toys, the SV12-R is a mind-boggling package. With 750 horsepower and almost 1000-lb/feet of torque on tap, the huge car can hit 211-mph, and sprints from 0-60-mph in under four seconds. That's fast enough to embarrass just about any exotic supercar, and this one can carry four passengers with their luggage.

    To turn the SV12-R into a rolling multimedia center and office, Brabus has installed a Mac mini in an electrically operated tray in the trunk, which plays through a flip down LCD video display that stows in the ceiling and a multi-channel surround sound system. Dual iPads with Apple keyboards can be used for work, or to operate the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system that controls everything from the navigation system to the vehicle's climate control. The whole shebang connects to the Internet with a 3G connection.

    Each iBusiness package is built to order making it hard to pin down a price, but when you consider that the "regular" SV12-R without the Apple goodies runs over half a million dollars, I think you get the basic idea.

    Brabus, via Born Rich

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