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Ford Sync Now Does Wi-Fi



    Ford Sync Now Does Wi-Fi
    Ford makes it easy to add Wi-Fi to your car.

    We've been pretty impressed with Ford lately.

    We thought its Park Assist feature, SmartGuage and THX sound system were all good examples of why this is the one big American car company that avoided bankruptcy; now the company is bringing Wi-Fi to the car with its Sync system.

    It's not the first attempt at in-car Wi-Fi — not by a longshot — but it might be the simplest. Step 1: Get a USB mobile broadband modem. Step 2: Plug modem into your dash. Step 3: Enjoy the Wi-Fi.

    Yep, almost too easy.

    The Sync system converts the mobile signal to Wi-Fi, with no extra fees or equipment needed. That's certainly preferable to a dealer installation, though ponying up the dough for a broadband modem is a tall order if you don't already have one.

    For those who do, though: Be sure to update your Facebook status only when parked.

    Ford, via Gizmodo