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"Your Cell Phone Law Sucks"

Drivers get a billboard full along 101



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    This billboard is catching people's attention as they drive on 101.

    California Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, is the target of a billboard advertisement attracting attention alongside Highway 101 in Palo Alto.

    Grant Paulson of Pleasanton spent $10,000 to post a verbose message to Simitian, criticizing him for his efforts to pass a cell phone ban for California drivers.

    "Your Cell Phone Law Sucks," the message reads. "Amazing how one man's bad idea can screw over and inconvenience millions of people in California."

    Some drivers have complained that the sign has caused them to nearly get into accidents because of their attempts to read all the verbage that is posted.

    The Daily Post of Palo Alto reports that Simitian thought the advertisement was "a hoot" although he was concerned someone might get "rear-ended" trying to read it.

    Paulson said he hopes the issue makes it back onto the statewide ballot in the form of a referendum by the end of this or next year.

    The advertisement is suppose to be removed by the end of February, but Paulson said he may post it again sometime this year.