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Tesla Model X Offers iPad Style, Back to the Future Doors

This Tesla goes beyond just an electric engine to feature fancy doors and a touch screen control panel.



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    Tesla unveiled its new Model X this week.

    Whenever a company names its product with an "X" we generally expect something really cool and groundbreaking.

    In the case of the just unveiled Tesla Model X, that's exactly what we got, but it might be hard to notice upon first glance.

    As with all things Tesla, the most innovative thing about the Model X is its electric engine, but after that things do get rather interesting.

    For example, Tesla has decided to introduce gullwing-style doors—a design feature usually reserved for rich moguls or time traveling geeks —on a car that will likely get a lot of attention from soccer moms. (For the record, Tesla calls the doors "falcon-wings.")

    But the coolest feature of the Model X is undoubtedly its iPad-style touch screen control panel. The panel is 17-inches and offers access to your entertainment system as well as maps and other information.

    The car is scheduled for commercial release in 2014 and will sell for about $50,000. You can see more of the Tesla Model X in the gallery below.