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Tesla Sedan Gets Final Sticker Price

Well, it's under $50K.



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?

    Way back in 2009, when Syfy was spelled "Sci Fi" and DVICE was spelled "device," Tesla Motors promised us all that their forthcoming Model S electric sedan would cost $49,900 after federal tax credits. Now, it's nearly 2012, and the final price might shock you.

    $49,900. Yep, it's been a couple years worth of tanking economy, but Tesla has somehow managed to keep their word and the price of the base model Tesla four door electric car hasn't gone up at all. You should bear in mind that this is the base-base-base model, though, with a 40 kWh battery (160 mile range) and not that much of the cool stuff that comes along with some of the pricier versions of the Model S. A few examples:

    • All-glass panoramic roof: +$1,500
    • Extra rear-facing trunk seats: +$1,500
    • Tech package with navigation system: +$3,750
    • Twin chargers and high power connector: +$2,700
    • 85 kWh battery (300 mile range): +$20,000

    The top of the line, ultra-premium "signature performance" edition of the Model S (which comes with the stuff listed above and some other niceties) will run you $97,900, and all of these prices are after that $7,500 electric car tax credit. Check out this link to see all of the additional options available with the Model S, and let yourself fantasize for a little bit before you suck it up and go buy a Leaf, Prius or Volt instead.

    Tesla Motors, via Engadget

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