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Tesla Unveils Updated Roadster

Reminder it will be a while before mass-appeal product hits market



    Tesla Unveils Updated Roadster
    Tesla Motors
    Meet the new-look Tesla Roadster 2.5 -- don't worry, it's a lot like the old-look Roadsters.

    If you've got $109,000 laying around and happen to be in the market for an automobile, Tesla Motors is now offering an update to its flagship all-electric Roadster, the Roadster 2.5.

    It's the same price as earlier models, but features a new touchscreen! And some body work! And cushier seats!

    The announcement comes shortly after the company's initial public offering on Tuesday. After peaking on Wednesday at nearly $30 a share, it's now less than $4 over opening.

    That could easily be because early investors rushed to shell off shares at the premium -- Tesla CEO Elon Musk needs money to fuel his lavish lifestyle and messy divorce -- today's drop might be because this news serves as a reminder that it will be a while before the company can make real money.

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    The launch of it's relatively mass-market Model S Sedan, to be priced under $60,000, won't be for years, and it's going to take a lot of money to build any sort of real production capacity.

    That the latest update for the Roadster comes with some relatively cheap new features, but no price cut, suggests that industrial scales may be more difficult to achieve than the company has planned.

    Jackson West really hopes people aren't upgrading their Tesla Roadster as fast as they upgrade their iPhones.

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