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This Electric Car Recharges Itself Right From the Road



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    The main drawback of electric cars is recharging them. Unlike refilling a gas tank, charging a battery takes some time. And if you run out of juice, you don't want to get stuck waiting overnight for your car to recharge. But this car uses induction charging to get its power, and on a specially-made track, it can charge up right from the road it's driving on.

    The E-Quickie only has room for one, but that doesn't make it less impressive. It rides on a track that has electrical conductors embedded in it, meaning no plugs required.

    It'd sure take a lot of work to have something like this translated to our highways and cars, but imagine it: you just drive on the road, and the road powers your car. No stopping, no charging, no refueling. It's a pretty crazy idea, isn't it?

    Automotto via Gizmodo

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