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1/1-3: Craig Robinson Leaves the Office Warehouse For Some Stand-Up

Plus, dozens of graffiti artists at Terminal 22, a look inside the drug trade in Rio de Janeiro favelas, Taiko drumming, and the Paris Ballet



    1/1-3: Craig Robinson Leaves the Office Warehouse For Some Stand-Up
    "The Office"
    Craig Robinson as Darryl in The Office

    THE OFFICE DOES STAND UP: Most of The Office focuses on the sales team, but don't make the mistake of glancing over the comedic gold in the warehouse. Craig Robinson (aka Darryl) is performing some gut-busting, knee-slapping stand up tonight at Cobb's Comedy Club. If you've seen Zack and Miri Make a Porno or Pineapple you know you're in for a treat tonight at 10:15pm.

    GRAFFITI DEBUT: Street graffiti takes its place in the world of high art tonight at The Graff Show. From 6-10pm Terminal 22 Gallery debuts the exhibit, which showcases a range of talent and graffiti styles of dozens of talented artists.

    FAVELA GET DOWN: Oscar, Emmy, and BAFTA award-winning director and producer John Blair takes us into the favelas of Rio de Janeiro for a close look at the running battle between the drug lords who control entire areas of the city and the police in his documentary, Dancing With the Devil. Watch drug lord-turned-minister Pastor Jonny broker peace agreements between drug lords who talk openly about their profession and the police. The show runs at 7 & 9pm at the Roxie Theater.

    : Japanese Taiko drumming is loud, intense, fun, rhythmic, and a full body work out. Try your hand at this energetic art form at the Free Taiko Drumming Demo & Class. Maikaze Daiko hosts the workshop this Sunday from 10:30am - Noon. [funcheapSF]

    Frederick Wiseman follows some of the most talented dancers in the world in his documentary, La Danse- The Paris Opera Ballet. Not only does he offer intimate access to the dancers, he also ventures beyond the stage into the sewing room, cafeterias, and administrative offices of the ballet world. Catch the show at the Roxie Theater this sunday at 3pm and 8:15pm. [SF Weekly]


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