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12/10: Bebel Gilberto - Hot Romance in Cold December

Plus, bagel business and hyphy hip-hop carols



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    Bebel Gilberto sings of her new love at Bimbo's

    CAROLS GETTING HYPHY:Dr. Seuss's grinch had a good run terrorizing cherry christmas lovers, but now it's the Grouch's turn to give back some cheer. The Grouch joins Mistah F.A.B. and  DJ Fresh for some festive hip-hop. The show starts at 9pm at Slim's. [SF Weekly]

    AGANJU IN LOVE: Tonight enjoy a bit of romance with Bebel Gilberto, the Brazilian songstress known for her adventurous fusion of Brazilian, European, and electronic styles. Her new album, All In One, is inspired by her love for her fiance. Listen to her at Bimbo's at 8pm and maybe the passion will rub off on you.

    BAGELS MEAN BUSINESS: Noah Alper, founder of Noah's Bagels (mmmm) gives us advice for running a business at the Oakland Public Library at 6pm. Alper has been at the helm of another two successful businesses, so he certainly speaks the truth. Tomorrow morning, order your bagel with cream cheese and entrepreneurial inspiration.  


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