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12/15: Musical Chairs & Pulp History



    12/15: Musical Chairs & Pulp History

    "Musical Chairs: Art Through the Lens of Sound and Experimental Music continues this week with performances and an art opening on Wednesday, December 15, starting around 7:30 pm. The show is rotating mix of art installations where sound or experimental music play an integral role in the work."

    The Magic Carpet Pop-Up Gallery is at 720 Geary St. Three artists are opening tonight at 7:30, with an additional three acts performing the 'experimental' music.


    Pulp fiction never really went away, but at City Lights Bookstore tonight you can celebrate the release of a raft of new titles.

    Two new titles show bravery, redemption and more than a little over-the-top circumstance. Tonight includes appearances by David Talbot, author of "Devil Dog: The Amazing True Story of the Man Who Saved America" and "Shadow Knights: The Secret War Against Hitler" by Gary Kamiya.

    Show starts at 7:30, so don't be late.