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$1.98 Queens Drag Beauty Contests to a New Low

The Miss $1.98 Pageant will judge everything but beauty



    Drag Queens riding around on bikes is not an everyday thing even in San Francisco. But tonight there will be plenty of them at the Miss $1.98 Pageant.

    Leave it to San Francisco to make a mockery of beauty pageants. Wasn't the whole Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton fiasco enough?  

    No. That is why the City will host the first ever Miss $1.98 Pageant with Anna Conda and MonistatTuesday night at The End Up at 9 p.m.

    The semi-impromptu beauty contest will select contestants and hand them a a bag of bathing suits that they will have five minutes to change into, according to our friends at SFist.

    While the lovely contestants get dressed, the host of the evening will challenge the audience with Miss America trivia. This is where the Carrie Prejean knowledge will pay off.

    The real talent of the evening will then ride in on a tricycle and take part in a taco eating competition. If all that was not strange enough, the evening will end with the winner being serenaded with Marcy Playground songs.