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9/8: Free and Electronic

Beak live and the San Francisco Electronic Musical Festival



    9/8: Free and Electronic
    Alfredo Flores
    The Disco Biscuits' style is dubbed trance fusion, a mix of electronica and rock, with some classical and jazz influences. They slip seamlessly between genres.

    Free is the coolest thing ever. When it comes to music free is usually limited to stealing a song or two from the web. We're looking at you Limewire users. But being able to see a band play live after you legally download their music is even coolr. Beak will perform live tonight at 6 p.m. at Amoeba Music in San Francisco. The band created by former Portishead producer Geoff Barrow will show off their strict recording guidelines that help them produce a completly real live experience.

    The first of four nights of the 11th Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival kicks off tonight at the Brava Theater Center in San Francisco at 7 p.m. Get your pass and enjoy days of dance and trance.