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America's Got Talent Lands in Oakland



    America's Got Talent Lands in Oakland
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    Jerry Springer will be in Oakland tonight.

    America's Got Talent is kicking off its first ever road tour and the Bay Area is the first stop on the trip.

    The show will come to the Paramount Theatre in downtown Oakland Friday night with ringmaster Jerry Springer himself hosting the festivities.

    The tour will feature the winners of season five of the NBC show, including pop singer Michael Grimm, 12-year-old ballroom dancing partners Anna and Patryk and Baroque opera singer Prince Poppycock.

    Springs says the show and its contestants have some similarities to his off-beat talk show that has pitted some of America's strangest characters battling it out on stage.

    "I think you see similar extremes of personalities on both shows," the talk show host recently said. "There just tends to be more anger and dysfunction on ("Springer"). I will say, though, that the guests on ("Springer") sometimes have a greater grasp on reality."

    After the Oakland show, the tour will then make its way to 24 other cities across the country.