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Ansel Adams "Lost Work" Film Gets Canned



    Ansel Adams "Lost Work" Film Gets Canned

    Plans to show a documentary film at California State University, Fresno about the discovery of glass negatives purported to be the work of famed nature photographer Ansel Adams have been canceled.

          University officials say the attorney representing the owner of the plates, Rick Norsigian of Fresno, canceled the screening.
    The negatives have been the subject of intense debate in the art world since Norsigian said he bought them for $45 at a garage sale, then hired a team of experts to authenticate them.
    A lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in San Francisco by The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust is seeking to keep Norsigian and consulting firm PRS Media Partners from using Adams' name, likeness and trademark to sell prints and posters not authorized by the trust.
    Norsigian's lawyer, Arnold Peter, says the lawsuit has no merit. The famed photographer was born and raised in San Francisco.