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Bay Area's Best Costume

How would you like to get candy from this guy?



    Bay Area's Best Costume
    Greg Adler
    This is clearly a one of a kind costume.

    A grown up just might have the Bay Area's best costume tonight. Santa Clara County prosecutor Greg Adler will be wearing a Transformer costume he made himself.

    It's a 10 feet tall robot Adler named Optimus Prime.  The get-up won a $10,000 award in a Las Vegas costume contest over the weekend.  Adler has entered the Vegas contest since 2008, but this was his first win.

    Adler said it took him more than a year to build. It weighs 90 pounds and cost about $2,500 in parts. The eyes are LED lights and the arms shoot lasers.  

    He says he will be wearing it to hand out candy tonight.

    This is not the first time Adler has been in the news. NBC Bay Area's Garvin Thomas reported in February about a tow truck scam that Adler helped bring down.

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