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Be on the Lookout for This $300 Million Yacht

Now that's a boat



    Be on the Lookout for This $300 Million Yacht
    "A", a 390-foot super yacht, was spotted off the coast of Malibu.

    There are yachts, and then there's the $300 million yacht spotted off the coast of Malibu.

    The 390-foot super yacht, known as "A," is the aquatic toy of Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

    According to reports, the vessel was docked in San Diego earlier this week and is now making its way up the coast to San Francisco, essentially spreading yacht envy to Californians everywhere.

    With a $300 million price tag, the boat isn't short on perks. According to a profile in the Wall Street Journal, she has 23,600 square feet of living space, bomb-proofed glass, a fingerprint security system and is filled with floor-ceiling mirrors.

    We'll let boating blog "Yacht Pals" highlight some of the other amenities:

    To accommodate other pastimes, Mega yacht A has three swimming pools, a helipad, and three 30' speedboats. In addition, it has all the latest entertainment systems, blinking lights, bells and whistles one would expect on a billionaire's mega yacht. Unlike most yachts, however, which usually sport several spacious decks for lounging in the sun and taking in the sea air (or allowing throngs of nude "models" to do same), A's streamlined design is almost entirely enclosed, which suits her reportedly paranoid (but maybe only A-goraphobic?) owner quite well.

     If you catch a glimpse of her in Monterey, Half Moon Bay or Ocean Beach please take a photo and email it to