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Benefit for Clubs Battles to Save Fun

San Francisco's all-ages clubs band together



    Benefit for Clubs Battles to Save Fun
    Brett L. / Flickr
    Well-known music destination Bottom of the Hill is one of the clubs that will benefit from tonight's show -- tellingly organized in Oakland.

    All-ages clubs in San Francisco feeling under attack from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Boardare putting on a show tonight.

    And in a possible sign of the ABC's apparent effectiveness in discouraging fun, the show is being held in Oakland.

    Clubs like the DNA Lounge, Cafe du Nord, Bottom of the Hill and the Great American Music Hall have been hit in a crackdown many have dubbed the "War on Fun" -- and that even a former ABC official considers "out of proportion."

    So they've organized Stop the War on Fun and will be banding together to host an even at The Uptown. Bands like The Hot Toddies, Vitamin Party will be on hand with jams to keep the fun going.

    Bonus points to RennFaire fiends who show up in costume to protest the cancellation of their event in Golden Gate Park.

    Doors open at nine, and tickets are eight bucks.

    Photo by Flickr user Brett L..

    Jackson West might just have to go to a show.