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California Governor's Race Hits the Stage

Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman make club Fugazi



    California Governor's Race Hits the Stage
    Beach Blanket Babylon is in its 30th year of sold out shows.

    The race between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman is becoming a perfect storm for political junkies. 

    The polls show a dead heat. A new controversy with a former housekeeper has the national talk shows buzzing. And the money that is going to be spent on TV commercials alone between now and Nov. 2 just might be enough get the state of its budget mess.

    The race is also leaking into the realm of comedy thanks to the characters involved. Enter stage left: San Francisco's favorite theater Beach Blanket Babylon.

    Steve Silver's troop is adding a new skit that features a Babylon-esque version of both Brown and Whitman.
    For those who have not yet been entertained at Club Fugazi, the show is filled with hilarious musical acts that include wild headdresses of infamous characters singing and dancing to never-before-heard lyrics from popular songs.

    Starting Thursday, Meg and Jerry make it to center stage.

    The actors will hit their cues near the top of the show.

    The bit is to the tune of the rock & roll classic "Money (That's What I Want)."

    (From the director's page)
    MEG WHITMAN enters singing:

    "I'm a woman in the Governor's race.
    Some say I've got Ben Franklin's face
    But I got money!"
    BILL CLINTON then interjects:

    "Meg, in your commercial
    You told a lie
    You see Jerry Brown
    Is my guy"

    JERRY BROWN then enters singing:

    "I'll be Governor so what's the fuss
    I don't need to work, I've got a trust
    That's what I've got!"

    Lori Preuitt loves it when BBB uses new hot Bay Area topics in their show.