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Cannabis Cup Makes U.S. Debut in San Francisco

First-ever event is a variety of Amsterdam's expo



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    Patients with a valid medical marijuana ID card are allowed to consume medical cannabis under the state's Prop 215.

    Medical marijuana experts, growers, advocates and patients are gathering in San Francisco this weekend for the first-ever High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.

    The two-day event is being held at Terra San Francisco and cost $50-$100 depending on access. The $100 ticket gets you in the door for a Saturday night VIP party.

    The expo features seminars for cultivation and activism hosted by the big names in the medi-pot scene. Medical professionals will be there and patients with a valid medical marijuana recommendation will also be allowed to consume cannabis in a special area of the expo. But there's no pot being sold at the event.

    Topping off the event Sunday night will be an awards ceremony, where a panel of judges will crown winners for everything from the best medi-pot blends to the best edibles. Notes from the judges will help patients discover the best medicine for their needs.

    The event a tamer version of Amsterdam's annual Cannabis Cup, which has been growing strong there for more than 20 years. Although it might sound a little off-the-wall to have an entire weekend event devoted to marijuana, it's not the first time there's been one in the City. Last month, the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo -- another first -- drew thousands to the Cow Palace.

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