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Facebook Users Haunted by Dead Friends

Just in time for Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween, Facebook recommends service for the departed



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    While younger users of Facebook probably haven't even thought about their mortality, the memorial page feature is available to all.

    Just in time for fall traditions honoring the departed, a new feature on Facebook had people being haunted by dead friends.

    Part of new tool around Facebook's "Suggestions" feature asked if you wanted to reconnect with other users -- including the profiles of those who had died.

    It brought a reminder that friends and family can contact Facebook to let the company know that a page should be "memorialized" in the event of a user's death.

    The feature keeps anyone else from logging into the page, protects the page from being viewed by anyone other than family or friends, and keeps the page from turning up in news feeds or searches.

    It does, however, allow family and friends to continue posting items to a users "wall" in memoriam.

    Of course, ghosts of friends past weren't the only issue -- it also recommended reconnecting former flames and employers, as well as even current spouses.

    The lesson here is, apparently, properly bury the accounts of your friends online unless you want them to rise from the Facebook grave and haunt you later.

    Jackson West has never been attacked by zombie undead profiles, because, well, he avoids Facebook.