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Gerard Butler Signs on for Jay Moriarity Biopic

Movie will tell the story of how the surfer prepared for Mavericks



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    Gerard Butler is keeping things ambiguous.

    Hollywood is hoping to ride Mavericks' big waves to big box office success.

    Director Curtis Hanson has signed actor Gerard Butler to a movie about Bay Area surfing icon Jay Moriarity and his quest to surf the waves at Mavericks.

    The movie will be aptly called "Mavericks" and Butler will play the role of Rick Hesson, who was the late Moriarity's mentor.

    The San Jose Mercury News reports the story will focus on the relationship between the two surfers as they trained together to ride the fame wave at Mavericks.

    Hanson will reportedly not focus on Moriarty's premature death in 2001, when he lost his life in a diving accident in the Maldive Islands.

    The shooting of the film is expected to begin in October with local surfers possibly getting roles as stuntman but not actors in the film.