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Giants Drag Donna Sachet Out to the Ballgame

Queer society queen Donna Sachet started baseball festivites last night with rousing anthem



    Giants Drag Donna Sachet Out to the Ballgame
    Georg Lester
    Woman-about-town Donna Sachet with one of her many fawning admirers.

    Donna Sachet took a break from her hectic schedule of writing society columns and advocating on behalf of the LGBT community at City Hall to stop by 24 Willie Mays Plaza last night and entertain fans with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

    Not since Tim Robbins put on a pair of Susan Sarandon's garters in Bull Durham have baseball fans seemed so delighted to see a biological man wearing ladythings.

    Major league baseball is no stranger to transvestism, with cross-dressing a time-honored tradition for annual rookie hazing rituals.

    However, this is likely the first time that a drag performer has been given the opportunity to entertain an audience during a regulation game.

    Three cheers for the Giants for making fans proud! And brava belissima to the Donna!

    Photo by Georg Lester.

    Jackson West needs a minute, and a tissue, he just loves San Francisco so much.