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Happy Birthday Frank Chu



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    Josh Keppel
    Artist and 111 Minna bartender Brian Dawson holds up a new painting with buddy Frank Chu.

    On this day 137-years-ago, Harry Houdiniachieved his greatest feat by escaping his mother's womb and entering the world.

    To mark the achievement, Google is honoring Houdini with a doodle on top of its page.

    Strangely enough San Francisco is not honoring its own street magician, who wows and confuses the masses at the same time with his other worldly signs and ability to show up everywhere and anywhere.

    Thursday is also the birthday of local celebrity Frank Chu. And as SFist points out San Francisco is yet to do anything to honor the eccentric with the "12 Galaxies" sign.

    Chu turned 51 Thursday. Happy birthday Frank.