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Losing Sleep for a Moment of Fame

San Francisco gears up for American Idol tryouts



    How Much Sleep do you Really Need?
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    American Idol Adam Lambert was discovered two years ago at the San Francisco tryouts for the show.

    Before he was a household name, Adam Lambert was a contestant on American Idol who waited for hours in San Francisco to show off his skills. That was two years ago. But who knows -- the next "Glambert" could come from the City by the Bay.
    Today, starting well before dawn, hundreds of those who think they are the next American Idol gathered outside AT&T Park for a chance at their moment of fame.

    Auditions for the next American Idol season start Thursday but people who want to try out for the show need a wristband. They start handing out the bands at 7 a.m. Tuesday through 8 a.m. Thursday. Auditions start at 5 p.m. Thursday.

    Singers who want to audition will not be allowed to camp out in the area, but are asked to return to the park after receiving a wristband. Potential competitors must be between 15-28 years old.

    Some of the hopefuls line up for wristbands gave us a sample of their singing abilities -- all three we heard would make it past our screening.

    San Francisco is the last stop on the show's 2010 audition tour.