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New Café in the City Comes With VC Hook Up



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    Josh Keppel
    The Summit officially opens on Thursday, September 30. A few weeks before, a number of events for friends, family and neighbors were hosted by the cafe as a soft-opening.

    After months of getting ready, the doors to The Summit at 780 Valencia Street opens Thursday at 8 a.m. and will stay open every day until 2 a.m. (except Sunday and Monday when they will close “early” at 10 p.m.)

    The cafe, coffee shop, tea house, bar, chill spot is opening with an interesting neighbor sharing the other side of the building near the corner of 19th Street in San Francisco.

    Summit Founder Desi Danganan clued me into the fact that his new café will be sharing the building with i/o Ventures, a venture capital company with an interesting model of helping out the little guy.

    It is almost like an internship for start-ups, where four new companies are invited to come into the fold for four months of mentorship, seed money and tech heavyweight face time. 

    “Near the end of the four month program, comes Demo Day. We’ll invite some of the best angel investors and venture capitalists from the Silicon Valley to hear your story,” so says the website where companies can apply for the program.

    All the while, in the other room is this great new café serving homemade pastries, sandwiches, and salads from a menu that “is a humble ode to the modern brasserie with a commitment to sourcing locally and sustainably.”

    I/o Ventures has also invested in Summit, their “clubhouse” kitchen, so it will be no surprise to be noshing with the likes of MySpace, BitTorrent, YouTube, or co-founders, all of whom are partners in the start-up incubator company.

    Last weekend the Mission Bicycle Company had a party at the unopened café and the few items I tried were all very tasty, from a pork sandwich, to a fresh peach topped salad, to an incredible shot of heirloom tomato juice.

    As someone who lives nearby, I’m mostly excited at the idea of a neighborhood place serving good, healthy food five-days-a-week until 2 a.m., but the added knowledge of the next new hot website being worked on across the room is a definite added bonus.