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No 4th Fireworks For San Jose This Year



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    You won't be seeing this in the skies above San Jose this July.

    Some 150,000 people are going to have to go with Plan B this July 4th.  That's because the fireworks show has officially been canceled.

    It's true: the San Jose America Festival and fireworks display has been called off because of (you guess it) the bad economy.

    Fil Maresca, of Filco Events, has produced the annual extravaganza at Discovery Meadow for years but says the show will not be able to go on in 2009.

    "Due to current economic conditions leading to decreased levels of public and private funding, we regretfully have to cancel this event," Maresca said.

    The city is losing more than a fireworks show. In previous years, the event lasted three days and brought tens of thousands of people to the streets of downtown San Jose for music, food and fun.

    It's not the first firework cancellation and it's pretty clear it won't be the last.   That will make for even bigger crowds at the shows that are still standing come July.