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Northern California Anglers Looking to Hook Prize Money



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    Nick Cardillo, Darien, casts his line out into Stamford Harbor from the east side of Kosciuszko Park on Friday afternoon, June 12, 2009. Cardillo grew up in Stamford and remembers when the park wasn't as inviting. Now he comes to the park frequently, often to fish. "If it's bass I like to eat them... otherwise I throw it back," he says. /Shelley Cryan for the Advocate

    Some of the best anglers in the nation are in Northern Calfiornia for a major, high-stakes bass-fishing tournament.

    Competitors are hoping to hook $100,000 in the Duel in the Delta, a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament in Stockton.

    High-powered bass boats, some costing up to $70,000, left Morelli Park just before sunrise Thursday. Fishermen planned to fan out in the Delta to reel in the big ones.

    "These guys catch 'em everywhere we go, and today will be no different," said Bill Lowen, a competitor from Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Anglers were set to return to Weber Point Event Center to weigh their catch at about 3:30 p.m.

    The tournament is set to air on ESPN2 on March 28.

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