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Not Your Ordinary Paper Airplanes

Folding designs defy "traditional" flight



    The Bay Area's own John Collins takes the childhood pasttime of the most basic homemade aircraft to new heights with his incredible creations.

    He's known as the "Paper Airplane Guy" for good reason. His flying artwork defys the rules, zipping and zagging through the air with amazing acrobatic precision.

    Here's how his Web site describes his planes:

    A single toss can send a plane screaming across the room at high speed, or gently gliding to a soft landing. Some have landing gear. They spin, tumble, loop, circle back, flap their wings, flip over and fly back upside down, and some are internationally award winning. Some are just for fun, and some designs can fly for a half hour or more.

    Collins hosts groups gatherings for his aerial circus to watch in awe at the stunts and learn a few trick in a hands-on lesson from the master himself. There's even an iPhone app to teach you how to make your own flying sensations.

    Collins will demonstrate his amazing aeronautical designs Saturday at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos.