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Pumpkins Flaunt Their Curves at World Championships



    Pumpkins Flaunt Their Curves at World Championships
    The top four "most beautiful pumpkins" are raised on forklifts at the Half Moon Bay 36th Annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-off in Half Moon Bay, Callif., Monday. The pumpkin second from the left won the contest. (AP Photo/Russel A. Daniels)

    A 1,658-pound pumpkin from Des Moines, Iowa, took first place at  the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay this morning in  what its grower called "a big victory."

    Winning grower Don Young, 45, said he drove 2,000 miles to attend  today's 36th annual pumpkin weigh-off, which drew hundreds of people to the  streets of Half Moon Bay.

    At $6 a pound, Young will take home a $9,948 prize. He says he didn't expect to win and is very happy.

    The second-place winner was Leonardo Urena, of Napa, who had a  1,470-pound pumpkin. Third place went to Ron Root, of Citrus Heights, Calif.,  who grew a 1,247-pound pumpkin. Another Napa resident, Pete Glasier, took  fourth place with a 1,174-pound pumpkin.

    The world's heaviest pumpkin on record weighed 1,725 pounds,  contest organizers said. Young's winning pumpkin broke the California record  of 1,535 pounds. His winning gourd will be shown off this weekend at the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival.