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"Puss" Opening Shreds DreamWorks Stock

Shrek's pal is No. 1, but investors wanted more.



    "Puss" Opening Shreds DreamWorks Stock
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    Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas bring Puss 'N' Boots to life but not Dreamworks' stock.

    Bad weather couldn't keep Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, and Silicon Valley animation from the top spot in Hollywood, but DreamWorks investors wanted more. 

    "Puss In Boots," the latest movie from the guys who brought you "Shrek" came in at number one for the weekend, but $34 million was apparently not the number investors were looking for.  Investors -- who can be a heartless lot  -- sold off shares of DreamWorks (DWA) stock Monday morning -- a not so furry and cute response to "Puss" and his dashing feats.

    For what it's worth, I saw 'Puss" over the weekend, and liked it.  My daughter liked it even more.  That's good news for DWA, which needs a hit, and can take advantage of a Pixar-less window to get Shrek's favorite feline into theatres.  Maybe word of mouth will convince more parents to take more kids to see it, and, in true DreamWorks fashion, there are several jokes aimed at old folks, too.

    The good news for DreamWorks is that more than half of the people who saw "Puss" did so with 3D glasses (and payed extra money to do so).  The bad news?  The flick reportedly cost $130 million to produce, and that means a big gap before it becomes profitable.

    For a feline, "Puss" is muy macho.  But the claws aren't sharp enough to snag investor interest.

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