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Raphael Saadiq Officially Deflects Blame for Rain in Southern California



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    Just cause he has style, doesn't mean he can control the weather.

    Saadiq is my boo (and everyone else’s).  As one of the few modern artists from the Bay to make it fairly big, it kinda hurts my feelings sometimes that he left his hometown of Oakland for whatever-blah LA.  Like who even cares about LA?

    I mean, OK.  Maybe LA is cool sometimes – like for when you want to get away for the weekend for a second and then your friend takes you to The Grove and you have this amazing Brazilian garlic beef barbeque and you realized you didn’t eat enough and now want more but can’t because now you’re on a liquid fast for 10 days and a 6-hour car ride away – but that’s besides the point.

    Amongst his many musical treasures, Saadiq made this one little anthemic song, right – it’s called, “It Never Rains in Southern California.”

    Lie!  For those that have been in LA recently, you know it’s been raining all kinds of craziness down there.  What’s even the point of LA anymore?  I don’t really know, either.

    I definitely got to feeling some kind of way when the LA rain almost broke my windshield wipers last weekend: “Why would my boo lie to me like that? Look at all this precipitation!”  Some Twitter pals were also pondering what Saadiq might have to say for himself.

    Well, on a recent Saturday Saadiq-boo made an official Twitter statement that the rain in southern California is not his fault.  And I quote, “I have nothing to do with the rain today in so cal ... saying it now before I get the blame all day!”

    Well, mister.  For all that hullabaloo, you coulda stayed in the Bay – at least our rain tastes better. Less smoggy ‘n stuff.

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