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South Bay Band Holds Its Own With Warren G

Around the Bay Girl says "See this band!"



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    If you were a teenager in the ‘90s you know it was Warrren G and Nate Dogg who taught us to appreciate a clear black night and a clear white moon.

    Legendary rapper Warren G graced the South Bay last Friday with his smooth sounds. He transported hundreds of fans from Voodoo Lounge in San Jose back to a day when there was much love for big butts in short-shorts and high tops were appreciated for pounding out the beats. It was a day before the pure sound was replaced by autotune.

    He also exposed those fans to his opening act, The Holdup, during last week’s show. This up-and-coming a band of Bay Area natives has the potential to become just as famous as Warren G. I still can’t get their songs out of my head. The sound is an interesting cross between pop punk vocals, gangsta rap and island beats.

    Their lyrics are often easy to relate to and are always laid back and fun. The Holdup's lead singer, Mike Garmany, tells me he writes from real experiences, even if they aren’t flattering.

    “When I hear a story, I don't want to hear only the picture perfect moments," says Garmany, a Branham High School graduate. "The embarrassing or shameful details are what I'm after. Then I know it's real.”

    This group is talented and ambitious. They know their skills will take them far. Garmany told me he’d like a Grammy in five years, but says he’d settle for still making the music he loves.

    I first saw them perform at the Cali Roots Reggae Festival and mentioned Garmany’s charming presence on stage. However, during their San Jose show, I realized how much energy bassist Kyle Christensen and drummer Danny Flores bring to the stage. DJ Clevvy Stiles rounds them out with a full, rich sound. They all really work as a group. You’re going to want to see them in the small venues they’re selling out now so you can say ,"I knew them when ..." they play Oracle Arena or H.P. Pavilion.

    You can see what I’m talking about yourself tonight at Music in the Park for free in San Jose’s Cesar Chavez plaza. They’re opening for Jamaican Reggae Artist Michael Rose, who has a Grammy under his belt. The Holdup is releasing their new album with a show Sept. 4 at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Become a fan on Facebook and not only will you get a heads up on their shows, they also offer up discounted tickets. They offered fans $5 tickets to the $15 show with Warren G. Not a bad deal at all.

    Marika Krause produces NBC Bay Area Mornings.  She works overnights, so she crams more Bay Area fun into the weekend than most people do in a week. She loves writing about those adventures as the Around the Bay Girl.