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Sports Basement Invites Campers Over for Slumber Party



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    Juan Diasgranados
    It was a long, humid night, for many who stayed the night in their tents.

    Want to go camping, but can't make the trip up to Russian River or Santa Cruz? That's okay -- just head on over to Sports Basement for a slumber party.

    The event is organized by Mission design shop Alite Designs, which makes funky outdoor gear like backpacks, tents, and a "sexy"
    sleeping bag that can zip open to the crotch and combine to accommodate more than one sleeper.

    To promote the products, Alite decided to hold a series of a events. In June, they held a singles mixer; and on Aug. 27, they'll be having a camp-out -- or is that camp-in? -- in the Sports Basement Grotto at 1590 Bryant St. (RSVPs required.) They'll be going heavy on nostalgia: beer and snacks will be served, and there will be a screening of Stand By Me.

    Alite's products target urban hipsters who want to balance their indoorsy computer-time with outdoorsy camping time. The blend of chic design and practicality have made it a hit amongst youngsters.

    Are they bringing wilderness to the City or the citylife to the wild? Maybe a little of each.