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Fog Forces Modified Blue Angel Show

Forecasters say it will be a game time decision



    Fog Forces Modified Blue Angel Show
    Blue Angels practiced in San Francisco Thursday and Friday.

    The show did go on Sunday as the Blue Angels made last minute modifications in order to keep away from the fog.  Instead of their regular high-flying routine, the team played it close to the ground. 

    Crowds didn't seem to mind.

    Fog caused Saturday's show to be canceled.  The jets aren't allowed to fly when fog is below 1,500 feet, according to Fleet Week's Mary Hickey. The pilots took off from San Francisco International Airport shortly before the scheduled 3 p.m. show, but determined that the fog was well below 1,500 feet and returned to the airport.   They made a few passes in front of the crowd before deciding the weather was going to force them to cancel.

    On Saturday, it took people in the crowd several minutes to realize what was happening.  There is an announcer who walks the public through the show, but he can only be heard in a small section of Chrissy Field. Tens of thousands of people spread out on both sides of the bay all the way from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge to take in the show. Most of the spectators were not able to hear the announcement the show had been called off.