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The Search for the Bay Area's Best Can Is On



    The search for the best can is on. Photo: Julien Raoul on Flickr

    There was an ill-fated 7up commercial years ago that was good for a laugh. Soft drink spokesman and comedian Orlando Jones thought it would be a great idea for 7up drinkers to send in pictures of their can.

    What followed was a demonstration of the different meanings of the word pre Urban Dictionary.

    Along the same ilk, local radio station KMEL is looking to reinforce every stereotype about hip hop by searching for the Bay Area's best badonkadonk.

    The Miss Bay Booty contest wants local women of all shapes, sizes and colors to send in pictures of their non-nude can. And they aren't talking about pictures of your favorite soft drink can.

    They need our help finding the most Sir-Mix-a-Lot approved backside in the Bay Area.

    And if narcicism doesn't bother you, feel free to submit pictures of your own bottom at