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Turns Out, San Franciscans Are Honest

The proof is in the tea



    Turns Out, San Franciscans Are Honest
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    SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 13: A bicyclist rides across California Street on Bike to Work Day May 13, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Thousands of bicyclists are expected to participate in the 16th annual Bike to Work Day event that promotes exercise and helps reduce pollution. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    The results are in from a honesty test in San Francisco and it turns out we are an honest lot.

    Unmanned pop-up displays of Honest Tea were set up throughout the City Monday and Tuesday offering a simple deal: Take a tea, leave a buck.

    According to the Honest Tea folks, we took the high road 91 percent of the time. That puts us right behind Boston and D.C. in the honesty test.

    The Honest Tea folks set up hidden cameras to see who drank-and-dashed and who paid up.

    San Francisco numbers smashed LA's. They were only honest 75 percent of the time and are now at the bottom of the honesty list.  Can we get a "Beat LA" chant?

    According to the hardly-scientific test, here's how other big cities stacked up.

    • Boston: 93.3 percent
    • Washington, D.C.: 93 percent
    • Atlanta: 89 percent
    • New York: 89 percent
    • Chicago: 78 percent
    • Los Angeles: 75 percent

    The locations for the San Francisco honor bar were North Beach, Justin Herman Plaza, South of Market, the Haight and Dolores Park.

    Below is a clip from the test in LA, where the truth was in the tea.

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    Lori Preuitt knows this isn't like the Dodgers-Giants rivalry, but it still feels good to "Beat LA!"