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See the beauty behind the phenomenon at Black Rock.

Burning Man Revisited in Two Minutes Flat

You can see the spectacle quicker than a 19th Avenue stoplight



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    You can see everything you missed at Burning Man in Ben Wiggins' time lapse video.

    Burning Man 2009 may have come and gone but in case you weren't able to make it to Black Rock City for the ceremonial lighting of a wooden effigy, Ben Wiggins was kind enough to shoot a time lapse video of the festival and condensed it to two minutes. Thanks to Laughing Squid for the tip.

    After the tough conditions of Black Rock City in 2008, this year’s festival saw some of the best weather in recent memory. There were very few dust storms and a trimmed down population descending on the desert.

    If you had left the playa on Friday afternoon you would have had no idea why everyone pre-event was warning about hot days, cold nights, and powerful winds and dust storms.

    After the gates opened at 12:01 a.m. on Monday morning, “Burners” experienced mild days, wonderfully warm nights and almost no signs of high winds or dust storms until Friday night.

    Saturday winds whipped up dust storms and whiteouts out on the open playa, but the neighborhoods stayed relatively clear, with this being the worst day of weather yet, but still nothing compared to past years.

    As the sun set Saturday night, rumors swirled around the city that the man -- a large wooden effigy that gives the event its name -- would not burn until almost midnight, when the winds were expected to die down.  This was half true, with the man finally set ablaze just after 11 p.m., a little over an hour behind schedule.

    This year’s theme was evolution and the base of the man epitomized that with the best, most artistic structure yet to sit below the festival’s icon.

    Many thought art would be lacking this year, due to the world-wide financial crisis and slumping economy, but that wasn’t the case.  If anything, the limitations prevented massive structures like 2008s Babylon from being brought out, which made way for smaller, more funky pieces to not be overshadowed.

    One of the most debated, loved and feared pieces out there this year was called “The Wedge” and it was brought to Black Rock City by a group of performers from New York City

    The group of artists are the people behind De La Guarda, an amazingly unconventional off Broadway play of aerialists zigzagging above the audience’s heads, and the group wanted to bring a structure to Burning Man that would allow them to rehearse their new show, as well as be able to hoist people up into the air and teach trapeze to any and all who were interested.

    So, they came up with the idea to put a giant AstroTurf covered slide on top of the structure that would not only provide shade for daytime trapeze, but also give the citizens of Black Rock City, young and old, a fun activity that all could enjoy.

    The approximately 50-foot tall slide was wide enough for nearly ten people to zip down together and brought laughter, fear, elation from all who enjoyed it, from the ground looking up, or while sliding down.