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Winehouse's One Bay Area Gig Remembered

She played in the City in 2007.



    Amy Winehouse Bay Area Connection

    British singer Amy Winehouse sang in the Bay Area before she made it big. NBC Bay Area's Elyce Kirchner reports. (Published Tuesday, July 26, 2011)

    Close friends and family gathered Tuesday in London for the funeral of singer Amy Winehouse. Her father gave a moving eulogy that included stories that made the crowd both laugh and cry.

    "Goodnight my angel," her father Mitch said. "Sleep tight. Mommy and Daddy love you ever so much."

    San Francisco D.J. and club owner Aaron Axelson is also remembering the singer who was found dead over the weekend.

    He was there when Winehouse played her one and only Bay Area gig back in 2007. "You tell right away she had it," Axelson said.

    He added that "it" factor was present during the first sound check and at the time he said she was a virtual unknown.

    "She was a delight to be around she was excited to be in San Francisco. She was excited to play pop scene," Axelson said.

    Winehouse joins a list of musicians who died at the age of 27.

    Music journalist Ben Fong Torres said he interviewed two of the named on the list: Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.  "I think that a lot of artists are tortured, but why they would keel over at age 27 who knows. Many tortured artists are tortured for 70 years.  They are happily tortured that’s what gives them there creative drive," Torres said.

    The exact cause of Winehouse's death may not be known for weeks.