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World's Fair Silicon Valley in the Works



    World's Fair Silicon Valley in the Works

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is flying to China Thursday and one of the things on his to do list is to pitch a Silicon Valley World Expo in 2020.

    Schwarzenegger will do it during a visit to the Shanghai World Expo 2010.  The event has brought 50 million people to Shanghai this summer and the expo is held once every five years and used to be called the World's Fair.  

    The Bay Area has hosted the expo twice in the past century but it hasn't been held in the United States since 1984.   It was held in San Francisco in 1915 when the Palace of Fine Arts was built and became part of the City thanks specifically for the expo. Also, in 1939 it was held on Treasure Island.

    Word of Schwarzenegger's pitch came as a surprise to many when they saw it on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, but it has been floated recently in other publications.  A member of the Bay Area Council pitched the idea in a Op-ed piece in the San Jose Mercury News a couple weeks ago.

    Expos are about showcasing your region and its qualities and how they fit into a common vision for the future. For 30 years, the Bay Area and Silicon Valley have been the pre-eminent hot spots for the innovation that drives the world's technological advances. Our region already has everything we need: innovation, creativity and technology, plus leadership in sustainability.

    Other cities that will be in the running are expected to be Dubai and Ankara Turkey.