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Before You Take That Road Trip



    Before You Take That Road Trip
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    371021 05: Cars fill a parking lot near Yosemite Falls (background), June 18, 2000 in Yosemite National Park, California. The National Park Service hopes to increase mass transit and reduce the number of cars within Yosemite Valley. (Photo by David McNew /Newsmakers)

    The California Highway Patrol is urging drivers to be aware of  several ways to prevent cars from overheating as the weather gets warmer this  summer.

     Drivers should ensure their tires are properly inflated not only  to increase fuel economy and reduce wear on long car trips, but also because  under-inflated tires can generated excessive heat within the sidewalls,  according to the CHP. This buildup of heat can cause the tires to fail.

    The CHP also advises drivers to make sure cooling fluids and oils  and within their vehicles' acceptable manufactures limits. Insufficient  fluids can cause heat to build up within the vehicle's drive train, which can  lead to overheating or disabled vehicles.

    Drivers should also keep extra water and a first aid kit in their  vehicles in case they break down in a remote area, the CHP said. Drivers of  disable vehicles should try to exit freeways before stopping and get as far  to the right side of the road as possible.