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A Historic Event for Modern Art

The SFMOMA Beneficiary Celebrates a Historic Anniversary



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    Marybeth La Motte
    The 1985 Beaux Arts Ball at the SFMOMA

    The Modern Art Council ("MAC") celebrates 75 years of service this year. MAC is San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's primary fundraising auxiliary and has raised vital funds to support the museum's exhibitions and programs. Recently, former MAC President Ann Fisher opened her home for a planning meeting with current MAC President Jill Barnett, past presidents Dolly Chammas, Sara Cumbelich, Debra Dooley and Ann Roth, and event chairs Tracy Bosche, Candace Cavanaugh and Sue Stewart. The leaders met to set forth a season of spectacular events to celebrate this momentous occasion.

    MAC, previously known as the Women's Board, held its first meeting in December 1934 and has supported the museum ever since by devising and administering social functions, raising money and organizing educational programs.  All past and present members are invited to celebrate MAC's 75 years of service to the museum at a luncheon on December 2, 2009, chaired by Sara Cumbelich, alongside honorary chairs Ann Joyce Roth and Charlotte Maillard Shultz.  A commemorative book and video are in the works. 

    For all you modern art enthusiasts, The first date to mark on your calendar is November 3, 2009, the annual Bay Area Treasure Award Luncheon honoring world-renowned pioneer of sound art and San Francisco resident Bill Fontana at The St. Regis San Francisco. Fontana's sound sculptures marry public space and contemporary art and they have been Installed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, London's Millennium Bridge and Big Ben, New York's Brooklyn Bridge and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and City Hall.  Event proceeds benefit SFMOMA's exhibitions and public programs.

    For tickets and additional information, email mac@sfmoma.org

    Marybeth La Motte
    writes for Red Carpet SF