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A Phenomenon of a Boutique

Lilith is where X, Y and the Boomers co-mingle amongst the selection of cosmopolitan styles chromatically clustered together



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    Lilith Boutique in San Francisco.

    Apropos clothing, like an umbrella, hovers over and protects us from the elements, or in the case of fashion, from the ridicule of society.

    For example, Generation Y wears multi-layers of mix-match and its considered in vogue. When a Boomer attempts the same fashion look, the perception can be quite different.

    Consequently, most retailers stay within the arena of one age span or another. However, at Lilith, timeless collections transcend the generations.

    In the shop on Fillmore, X, Y and the Boomers co-mingle amongst the selection of cosmopolitan styles chromatically clustered together. 

    Its a phenomenon to observe and is accomplished, not by circumstance, but by shear talent. Lilith’s natural ability to design can be partly attributed to the fact that she is French and the French are simply born with an instinctive ability to roam the world with sophistication and elegance.

    Lilith passes her decisive sense of apparel on to women around the globe through her assemblage of distinctive clothing and accessories. The wearables, featuring gentle twists, soft shapes, subtle drapes and slight curves are offered up in a variety of natural fabrics and yarns including cottons, linens and hemps.

    The color palette range includes softs and subtles in honey tones, tea leaf heathers and tawny creams. The look is always feminine and smart.

    San Franciscans are fortunate to have a House of Lilith right here on Fillmore Street. The space has been transformed in style and simplicity. It reminds me of a Paris cat-walk, oh so chic.

    The gracious co-management team and sales staff define themselves simply as friends  who enjoy working together as fashion coordinators for their customers.

    Lilith Boutique - 2029 Fillmore St. in San Francisco - 415-913-7600 - www.lilith.fr

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