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A Rock Guitar Shirt That Really Rocks

Strum your own chords on this nifty shirt



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    Rock on man.

    Now you can give up air guitar and start playing your shirt.

    This ThinkGeek Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt includes its own mini amplifier (that actually goes to 11), and when you strum the shirt with the magnetic pick, it rips out some raucous samples of distorted-sounding guitar chords.

    While you can't thrash with individual notes like Eddie Van Halen, you can knock yourself out with 15 different power cords, covering all the major keys.

    All you need to do is learn where to activate each of the chords located on the shirt's "frets," press your finger there and start strumming away.

    Suddenly, you're a guitarist. Kinda. Don't worry, you'll usually only need to remember three chords, anyway.

    But hey, this $30 playable T-shirt is almost a real musical instrument. Sure beats Guitar Hero. How about an (almost) all-shirt band? Let's watch, listen and learn: