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Bay Area Bares Its Ugliest Tattoos

New site makes you think twice about getting a tattoo



    Bay Area Bares Its Ugliest Tattoos
    This woman is not to upset about her tattoo.

    Getting tattooed is a time-honored way to immortalize a loved one lost, a seminal life experience, or an ideal you hold dear, and almost always is a terrible, horrible mistake. Cruelly celebrating that fact, Ugliest Tattoos.

    From a Berkeley chick and a guy named Stephen comes Ugliest Tattoos, a no-holds-barred compendium of the world's most "brain-explodingly terrible" ink, editorialized with snark so brutal, you'll pity their poor subjects. Okay, no you won't. Check out the full slideshow or check out our highlights:

    A Beyond Sloppy Rendering of the Patriots' Mascot: "It's been a rough couple years for the New England Patriots...The fans deal with the disappointment in various ways. One guy drank an entire case of Narragansett Beer and then ordered his five-year-old son to draw Pat Patriot on daddy’s arm with a safety pin and the ink from his Crayola markers."

    A Colorfully Cluttered Homage to "Daughter", "Country", and "Star Wars": "Is there anything else you’d care to defile -- I mean, honor -- by including it in this mess, or are you satisfied with just the three? Perhaps a religious emblem, beloved landmark, or deceased ancestor? Come on, I think I see room there on one of your love handles for a portrait of grandma."

    "I'm Gonna Kill You, Ray Romano:"
    "There's just one problem: you spelled 'My Parents Didn't Pay Enough Attention To Me' wrong."

    Get involved by voting your favorites to the top with thumbs up, or sending pictures you find, or pics of your own sorry self, because the only thing you'll regret longer than a tattoo is telling the whole Internet about it.

    You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think twice after hitting